6 Essentials For Making It Through Baseball Season

Missing something for the game?  Check out our recommended essentials to make it through the season!

Stadium Chair
Ever feel like you've been sitting on bleachers for hours, and you back and butt can't take it anymore? We've all been there, but there's a way you can enjoy the game in comfort and style, even if it goes into extra innings!  Stadium chairs for bleachers are a must-have for any serious baseball fan.

Our Recommendation: Home-Complete Stadium Chair, Amazon Prime


Those evening games mean one thing: a low sweeping sun until it finally sets.  Sport some polarized lenses to protect your eyes in every color imaginable - probably just the one you need to match your star's team.

Our Recommendation: Retro Rewind Polarized Sunglasses, Amazon Prime


Tote Bag
To be ready for anything, you'll need a sweatshirt, a book for warm-ups, your cell phone, a drink, sunglasses and maybe some orange slices for after the game - but you only have two hands!  Tote bags are an absolute gameday essential.

Our Recommendation: Heavy Duty Zippered Tote Bag, Amazon Prime


You won't be truly in style without some Raising A Star jewelry, now selling on Amazon Prime!  Check out our lightweight, stylish chain necklaces and our bangle bracelets today!

Our Recommendation: Baseball Bat Necklace, Amazon Prime

Grab an insulated tumbler to keep your drink the temperature you want it, and add on a cap to make this your perfect cup for the game.

Our Recommendation: Tervis 24 oz. Clear Tumbler, Amazon Prime

Two Free Hands
You'll need all the hands you have to bring all the essentials to the game, so you can cheer on your kid with comfort and style.  Have fun out there!




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